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Born in Paris, maison crivelli creator Thibaud Crivelli grew up between the center of France and Provence. In 2006, he moved to China and lived for more than 10 years in various Asian countries, where his western sensibility was impacted by new influences. He then develops a raw and multi-sensory approach to nature: an ability to take time, to live in the moment, to admire the infinitely large but also to explore the infinitely small.

Behind the apparent tranquility of this young founder is bubbling a thirst for adventure that characterizes the spirit of his family and has pushed the boundaries of everyday life for more than 150 years. From Lebanon to Australia, from Morocco to Vietnam via the Indian Ocean, the 3 generations that preceded him lived on 5 continents and bequeathed him an eclectic heritage that sharpened his taste for exploration.

Through each maison crivelli perfume creation, Thibaud Crivelli shares a memory of an unexpected and ultra-sensory discovery of perfume raw materials: absinthe savored under the aurora borealis, sandalwood burnt on an erupting volcano, a walk by the sea among roses stirred by the sea winds...

Smells, colors, sounds, flavors and textures respond to inspire a collection of creations that appeal to all the senses with their surprising contrasts, originality and modernity. The fragrance collections available as perfume australia are created in France with integrity and presented in handmade, plastic-free boxes. The bottles are sealed with a monogram with a raw design, making each piece totally unique and extending this art of the unexpected so dear to Maison Crivelli. For each sale of three bottles, the House also supports the cultivation of ethical patchouli in Indonesia.